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In early 2007, MTS approached the University of Plymouth with the object of employing a software graduate to help upgrade the MTS service.  Clients had been requesting coverage of more markets, in greater depth, more often, and it had been decided that a software program was the best way to achieve these objectives.

We were referred to the Department of Research and Enterprise, who suggested that we consider a KTP.  KTP aims to help business to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK Knowledge Base. Of equal importance, universities get the opportunity to interact with a large range of different types of businesses, providing useful case study material, as well as over-seeing the latest ideas being put into practice. KTP is part-funded by the Technology Strategy Board along with the other government funding organisations.

A classic KTP takes two years to complete, and is executed by a KTP Associate who is seconded from the university to a company’s premises.  In our case, Liverpool University Graduate Animesh Kumar was employed by UoP as the Associate, and joined us in October 2007.

The Plymouth team was headed by Project Manager, Mandy Bowden, from Research and Enterprise, supported by senior lecturers Nigel Barlow and Andy Phippen from the IT Faculty, together with Lynne Butel from Business Studies.

The highly successful project to create the MTS Technical Overlay Program (TOP) reached completion in October 2009.

Because of the effective combination of company and university, a short KTP is under discussion for 2010, to further enhance TOP’s capabilities, using input from UoP’s Mathematics & Statistics Faculty.


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