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Our Approach

Our approach to markets is essentially “top down”, and is intended to complement the fundamental and quantitative research inputs used by our clients.

Our equity index, bond, currency and commodity views are covered on a weekly basis in Global Markets Review.  The Tokyo Daily covers Japan in more detail.

Sectors are covered by the weekly and daily versions of our regional Technical Overlay Program (TOP) services, which look at both price and price relative to the regional index, and over three different timeframes selected by our clients.

Stocks are also covered by TOP, on a similar basis to sectors, but with the additional ability to look at each stock relative to its sector.
For more details, please see Our Research Services.

Having spent over 30 years in asset management and investment research, we have combined both very complex and simple techniques to provide what we believe is one of the very best technical services available. 

At the market index level, our methodology combines the following:

Elliott Wave Theory
Fibonacci Ratios and targeting
Breadth, New Highs and New Lows
Support and Resistance
Trends and moving averages
Pattern analysis and targeting
Point & Figure targeting

Please see Our Market Methodology, which briefly outlines these techniques, with chart examples, mostly taken from actual publications.
At the stock and sector level, we use a subset of the above:

Trend/moving averages
New Highs and New Lows
Support and Resistance
Point & Figure targeting

Please see TOP Research, which discusses the application of these techniques at this level.  Note that the majority of them are used on each of the price, price relative and sector relative charts, and over all three timeframes in the same fashion.

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