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Our Performance

This section of the site is split into three basic parts:

What we were saying about equities, bonds, currencies and commodities in Global Markets Review post 2007; spreadsheets of all our sectors and stock recommendations in the monthly Relative Performance Monitors, also since January 2007; the effect of our Hedging strategy on Topix performance.

GMR quotes are further split by markets:

Global equities (mainly S&P 500)
Europe & UK

These sections will take some time to complete. As an example of what we are trying to produce, and the accuracy of our forecasts, please see the .pdf "Calling the 2008 Oil top and bottom".

RPM recommendations fall into 7 categories: BUY, Buy, BOTTOM-FISHING BUY, TAKE PROFITS, REDUCE, Sell and SELL.  The characteristics of these groups are explained in the Appendix here.  The spreadsheets are as follows:


All recommendations in the relevant Relative Performance Monitors for 2007, 2008 and 2009, including sector weightings, can be found by clicking on the region required.

We have only begun to cover the US and Emerging Markets with the introduction of TOP.

Because our client base has so many different mandates, we have not attempted to produce model portfolios, which tend to be more time-consuming than the benefits merit.

Our Topix performance is illustrated below.  The chart and spreadsheet understate how well we have done, because the MTS Portfolio, which is always fully invested, moves in Topix points rather than percent.  Spreadsheets of the individual year’s trades are available here:


The chart below illustrates the effect of our trading and hedging recommendations compared with the performance of Topix since January 2006.

An explanation of how we arrived at this system of communicating our views is available here.

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