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Asset Allocation

The Asset Allocation Chartbook is a monthly publication adopting a 3-6 month timescale.

The information is presented as a one-page table, with Trend ratings (Bullish, Neutral, Bearish), Under or Over weight exposure recommendations, and brief notes plus commentary.

All ratings are relative to Short Index-Linked Gilts, using a Sterling base, except the regional equity relatives.  All charts use Datastream Total Return Indices.  Asset classes illustrated by a chart are:

FTSE World Index (split into US, Europe, UK, Japan, Pacific, all vs. World ex UK)
FTSE All-Share Index
UK Medium Bond Yield
Over 5 Years Index Linked Gilt
Corporate Bonds
High Yield Corporate Bonds
FT ASI vs. Long Gilt Yield (instead of Short ILG)
Sterling Trade-Weighted Index

Here is a .pdf of the 20th March 2009 Issue, upgrading Equities to Over.

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