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Tokyo Daily

The Tokyo Daily was previously called Candl-e-mail, which we began to publish in 1994.  It was originally devoted to highlighting individual index, sector and stock candlestick signals, but has since evolved into more of a market-specific document, particularly with the advent of the TOP service.

The Daily is usually at least 9 pages long, and contains a wealth of features including:

Target and stop levels (using various techniques)
Action limits
Portfolio Exposure (normally 100% long)
Percentage of Portfolio Hedged
Additional Directional Long or Short exposure
Index candle signals (Topix, Nikkei, TSE2, JASDAQ, Mothers)
One-minute Point & Figure targets (Topix)
Elliott Wave count
Intra-day momentum indicators and moving averages
Daily momentum indicators and moving averages (Topix, TSE2, JASDAQ and Mothers)
Net Breadth, Advance/Decline Ratio, Decline/Advance Ratio
Zweig 10-day breadth
Nicoski 30-day breadth
On-Balance Volume and Value
Williams Accumulation and Distribution
MTS Adjusted Volume Accumulator
Price + Volume
Normalised Up/Down Volume Lines
Daily and Intra-day volatility
Nikkei versus Topix, moving averages and momentum indicators

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