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Our Research Services

Our Research Services are structured on “top down” lines.

Equity indices (the main focus is on S&P 500, Topix, Euro1st 300)
Bond yields (10-year)     
Currencies (Dollar, Euro, Sterling, Yen crosses)  
Commodities (Copper, Gold, Oil and CRB Index)  

These are covered weekly in Global Markets Review (normally 44 - 48 issues p.a.).

See Our Market Methodology for details of how we approach analysing these, together with real-time examples from GMR.


Thses are covered on either a weekly or daily basis as required, by our Techincal Overlay Program (TOP).

Sectors are listed in the ICB sequence.

Coverage is on a regional basis as follows:

Emerging Markets

These are broken down into three capitalisation tiers - Top 300, Next 200 and Next 500.

Additional coverage is available on request.

For the UK, the top 300 is actually FTSE 350 ex Investment Trusts, but the latter can be added if required.

We recognise that the S&P 500 is a likely minimum requirement for US investors.  Again, we can tailor our database to your requirements.

See Momentum and Trend Screening and TOP Research for analytical techniques at the sector and stock level.

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